Friday, December 30, 2011


Im up in the sky! :D crystal castles blastin. Feels good"

Good stuff.

Having a lazyass friday. Still in bed heh.

yup time once again woohoo

time to sleep some hipster beauty rest. peace "POTATOE"

l o l

quite lovely.
im sorry if im being a "SLOWPOKE" but seriously this is toooooooo hilarious ahhaha. im gonna be the most confident person ever now

randomness for you k.

duuuuuuuuuubbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbstteeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppp. EXCISION- swaaggggaaaaaaaaa


wow. TRON... dam soundtrack song had to play next. amazing amazing movie love the music. daft punk made that movie great. so yup. Tron legacy now getting me rethinking about going to sleep or not.


Today was a very chill day woke up real late but just wasn't enough. Cousin broke my dam glasses tonite not cool but w.e. Food was crappy yet again, saw a dog have a panic attack was intense while medicated 420<3 heh. listening to chill music rite now getting real sleepy but yet nah on sleeping. and so i shall decide what to do in the next 5 mins sleep or keep on keeping on. hmmm so yup heres a baby turtle enjoy !

its time !

./shrug had lots of great stuff to post but dam stomach hurts now time to go get medicated :) 420!

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Testing this out! heh kitten < this pic made me cracck up so bad :)


dopppppee ass song! was on replay for days!

good stuffz.

getting sleepyz! so many awesome blogs i must read up and such! lets see if i get any followers in the coming days. hopefully!

must listen to!

THIS SONG IS BEYOND AWESOME! a must listen to if u love hardcore duuuuubbstep ! borgore- Sunset
just added a bunch of blogs that seem interesting. shall see if i keep following them or not some seem very attention grabbing. But its late here so might sleep soon and then wake up later and see what awesomeness i shall find. this blog stuff seems cool so far and so i am getting a running start.

awesome i want!

so this is the ad i got while youtube video loading! SO MUCH WIN!!! cats and awesome :P


warpaint! :) so awesome.

song is so dam relaxing. benny benassi song :)

pics of my awesome hikez with my fatty dogz

went hiking it was 'le awesome.

griffith park is where its at. pictures soon. And so this blog shall be very random hipster sexual crap i enjoy! everything is game so prepare yourself for awesome :o!