Wednesday, May 9, 2012


fuck REGRETS! just go for it! experience life! and be happyz......

just had to say it. i have lots of regrets and i shall not anymore!

aweeesome stuff :D

i hope you enjoyed :)


alritey wow looks like i went m.i.a yet again but now I'm back! just about finished my 2nd college semester and now semester break until summer courses start. past month B day was just a huge disappointed hated that weekend. so boring and fake ass friends.... fuck that day! but whatever. currently making massive plans to visit oakland then LA then chicago! going all over the US finally :D woohoo going to be very AWESOMEZ! cannot wait. but for now gotta get back to the blogging mood :) Awesomez things coming for sure!

p.s.: lots of effin CATS!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

wooot :D

updated my logo woohoo looks good?
I think it looks awesome but suggestions are welcomed :D!

Friday, March 16, 2012

thinking about it

I'm thinking about creating a adult only blog hehehe. xXx! 18+ ONLY. Would get lots of attention BUT i am just letting my followers know that i am a bisexual male! LGBT and proud :D! so highly likely some male erotica LOL will be posted sooo yeah or shall i keep it hetero. or make a bi porn blog and a str8 porn blog! Followers decide. Also if u dont accept me as i am or your religiously brain washed hehehe then GTFOOOO i truly do not care for your bigotry and hatred of your fellow man. FREE LOVE FOR ALL! EVERYONE IS EQUAL! so yeah let me know followers or i shall decide. Also i have a already bi porn tumblr i can just easily link and thats that but idk. hmmmm decision!  
 If you dont like it! 

So past couple of days!

Back couples of days have been interesting or just a bit interesting with the same ol same ol everyday. I have gotten so many awesome games! wooohoo been playing soulstorm, skyrim, WARHAMMER ONLINE << give this game a try its fucken awessome! i keep going back to it everytime. I have also been seeing BREAKING BAD im on season 2! such a amazing addicting show! fucken unreal but shit actually happens in real life but u just dont see it! crazyness that blows my mind heh. Watched the harold and kumar movies, well the first 2 i have yet to see the third one. Should be awesome too. Been getting heavy medicated and partying too real awesomes! gonna party harrrrd then gotta see about spring break, what to do. But yeah that has been my past couple of days. Real chill awesome house, real awesome chill housemates. Here are some awesome images enjoy! 

Hows it going for you? (reply in comments if u would like to answer :O )


im back woohoo :D ! got interwebz now just gotta get back into blogging mode.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


i shall have internet at my new place and be blogging everyday but as for now gotta chill at neighbors house and use their interwebz or campus internet heh..

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Where my followers at ? :(

awesomeness i saw todayz

Saw a interest group present for possibility of establishing a chapter of a awesome fraternity on my college campus! Hopefully they get approved and so i shall do work to raise this GPA so i can rush for sure! fucken awesome cant wait! Now just chilling until my classes which are 3 or possibly 2 hahahha. hmm

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Awesome images that i must sharez

New or you seen it Whatevez ENJOY! 
fucken beautiful graffiti from LA

My fat Rat Chihuahua thing heh. miss this mofo. might bring em to my place for a moth heh. have him visit.

 hahahahaha tooo funnyz

lizard be hogging the budz.


ahhahah poor squirrel. douchebag cat be fucking squirrels upz! 

awesome collection! i wantz!

Adopt dont shop! 

Beautiful death.


 ;) oh yeahhz

hell yeah! 


so fucken awesome! 

creppy yet awesome! 

hehehe too funnyz