Monday, January 30, 2012

Sorryz followers

So the past two weeks have been all over the place. I have actually MOVED and so fucken haPpy about it. Not sure if i shall be getting a cat afterall. Might just adopt me a local mutt from the animal shelter. Yeahs! Room is awesome glow in the dark and all this other light set up awesome. Just getting myself settled in. Dope housemates partyed the day i moved in and the weekend for sure. Got somewhat drunk heh and been beyond fucken high. Wowz. Mary jane is highly consumed in the house heh. Dope dopez. Gonna be a rel dope chill new place for sure. Party hard for sure. And now just waiting for dell to get its shit together get my laptop fixed and blog this bitch up but for now peeps i shall be MIA until my laptop is running full speed yeahh. Got so much crap nd stuff to post but i shall leave u waiting for itz! Heh.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Today was legit chillz.

I fucken love having no classes on fridays heh my first week of this awesomeness so far. Woohoo. Woke up at about 12pm could have been sleeping still but could'nt doze off anymore. Then i started daily routine of not doing much around the house heh. Bought a nice jacket that i will have great use for ! Shit is getting cold as hell over here. Dam 26degrees heh. Ice all over the place. Then meet with the rent lady, she told me my options of what to do as of me moving or staying here so yup. Told her my side and got a great option of acting being able to leave but security deposit will be gone and i said i am willing to do that.... Secretly in my head i am like YES YES I WANTZ OUT! One step closer to getting me a CAT! Rawr awesome but my decision she has to discuss with the landlady ./shrug after that stuff i got new a dope threadless shirt one of those 10bucks one nice. Harry potter shirt :D after that purchase i called bullshit DELL tech support eh.. Went through the whole procedure of trouble shooting and same conclusion they gotta send a tech guy to replace motherboard... BUT heres the final sting i gotta wait toll monday for them to get the part and then till wednesday until they send a dam tech guy to fix my laptop. So yupz after that i finally decided to toke up and medicate myself and relax. Was great trippinggg out on Xavier: renagade angel. Shit is tooooo funny and wtf! And this concludes my lazyass yet somewhat productive friday nicee. And hopefully be moving out thos weekend but i shll see :\ Ps. Fucken ay cant wait to not have to blog off my dam ipadz eh. And soon link dopeazz videos and cat pictures and other random nonsense heh. Till then!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Today was just eh.

Had two classes went to em. Not much interesting but learned a bit of french. Toked up then munched ito good. Now medicine kicking in but bullshit about moving out and all this difficult shit about lease contract in such a buzzkill and stressing me out god dam it. I was wanna chillz with my cat at my new place but seems so many fucken obstacles in teh way. I am a sad panda :( heh but yeah ./shrug Hopefully this weekend is better... Why cant i just get a fucKen break as a poor latino college student.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wow part 2

So yeh i have been MIA yet again lol. But after those two dayz of hardly getting any sleep we continued the toke up tour of los angeles! We ended up going to santa monica beach it was cold but sooo dam awesome! Blazed it here and there on the beach and pier was awesome. Got crap ton of sand in my shoes and socks but worth it. Ended up leaving at like 4 in the monring heh. Then finally sleeping at 6am but only after munchies time at home heh and some tv of course. But y that was saturday night heh. But sunday i went to check other another dispensary with my cuz and friend. Place was dope got some realllll dankyass stuff. Got baked but then bammm stress time kicks in. It was like 5:30ish pm when i get callled by guy telling me the application process of the new place and that i gotta do this and that.... ./shrug and also having to get home at 6ish to pack the rest of my shit up so i can head out back to my college. I seriously believe i should have have a panic attack or be overwhlemed with stress but i was high and it kept me soo calm and happy just to get shit down and be on my way to my college once again for i hope to be another great semester. Was chillz on the drive to my koolege tried to get medicated and get some zzz'/s on the way there but dam edibles didn't work at all. Not very potent. Was a dissappointment but oh wellz got them free anyways heh. So yup finally back in my colleges town ready to begin class yet again. As for monday it was a very productive day met new peeps at the house i shall be moving into hopefully this weekend and really excited seems like i shall party hard yet again heh and of course getz my cattt wooohooo! Cant wait just gotta move in then the cat heh. Ate some awesome phillipino mongolian tofu slices. Hit the spot real good heh. Then went back to my place to find out i have a high possibilty of someone taking my current place and i'll be free to go. Woohoo this week shall be great. Oh and ask for today just a tip: watch where you are stepping in the morning if its really cold because like me u could slip on some wet walkway and fall on your ass and hit your elbow really bad and be in pain heh. So yeah watch outz! And have a awesome day :D oh and story time shall be over by this week once i get my laptop fixed once again awesome links, videos and pictures shall be on the way!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Wow past 2 days

Alrite so sorry peeps i have been MIA. but now i am back from having crazyass two days....i didnt sleep for these two days heh. Had session after session for realz. Got my medical mj card woohoo. Went to some dispensary that was shady ass shit. Felt like i would have gotten shot for sure. Security guards everywhere with guns, lil addict looking people going in and out of the dispensary for a free hash hit, all the cashiers and chicks working there were hot but believe they are all protistues or something. Shit was shady ass hell. Oh man the asian cashier was fucken hot nice set of tits heh. Got my hash hit and free goodie bag was glad for that. That hash hit fucked me up. Was tripping bawlz. Car ride home was crazyyyy! Then chilled for a bit in car and stared down a brown husky outside and that bitch went crazy. Looked like a very insecure dog. Then finally got home tried to sleep but no luck. So then had another session shit was fuuunz. Went to 7/11 got some munchies. My PEACE ICED TEA. Best drank in the world! Must get Razzleberry! After day went home chilled troed to sleep again but no luck. Then got called for another session this time i just toked and left. Felt unsafe and i didnt want to get shot for shit. Shadynesss to the max heh. Then finally after almost 48hours of little to no sleep i fianlly got some rest. Woohoo crazy two days.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Having a Ehh day..

Woke up feeling like crapz. Slug like movement heh. Then checked emails and Stuff like that. Nothing important. Started looking for a new house with cheaper rent to live in during my spring semester. Some luck found a awesome place where i can finally have pets! I want a tabby orange cat!! Or maybe a awesome bulldog or corgie or pugz!? Would be awesome but the current house i am leasing is bunch of bullshit cant move out because of contract :(( fuck contracts! Shit is too expensive dam it. So yup now hoping the dam landlord and realtors find someone to take my room so i can room. Or if i do move out i gotta pay the bullshit rent of old room still till the end of semester or if they find someone to fill the room. So yuppp bs of my lifez. Hoping it all goes well and i move somewhere cheaper and be happy with my catzmor dog heh.

Must watch documentary!

The Union is a Documentary film that explains the history of cannabis, from being a legal crop that was widely used from creating everyday products, to clothing, fuel and even as food. Then being illegalized as a political move that was greatly falsified for political self interest.  It also asks and answers the many questions that people face when trying to see what the benefits and suppose negatives are from having cannabis legalized, the many false facts that are associated with the cannabis/marijuana plant, how it would greatly benefit the government if legalized and the many areas of revenue that the taxation of legalized marijuana can bring! I really don't want to say anymore because i want you the followers to watch this amazing documentaries with your own opinions and see if you have changed some ideas or are still not seeing the big picture heh. so let me know what you think!

Official Google Blog: Where you’ll find Google and YouTube at CES 2012

Official Google Blog: Where you’ll find Google and YouTube at CES 2012: Every year in the tech world, thousands of us pack a bag with all of our gadgets and head to Las Vegas for the International Consumer Electr...

Monday, January 9, 2012

Death of a Hardcore Gamer: Drinkin' to Amnesia

Death of a Hardcore Gamer: Drinkin' to Amnesia: I was drinking some beer last night while playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent on the computer. The game sucked me in so well that I ended up d...

awesome songs!

Alrite so this songs i have had on replay for like a month now really great sounds that i get numbed in and feels so awesome! especially dubstep songs!

-Borgore - Sunset : so this song is beyond fucken awesome starts out slow then bammmmm punches you right in the face with harsh WUUBBBB WUUUBBB! yeah dubstep<3 seriously u gotta listen to this song and see what its about! you will be like = awesome! link to song here >>>>Borgore - Sunset

-Then there is this other song by Borgore! Borgore- Guided Relaxation : reallly awesome song that i recently heard and instantly added to my replay playllist. Really great song that you will get submerged in and just feel great. ! Here is the link Enjoy >>> Borgore - Guided Relaxation

-This song is truly just numbing into relaxation and just makes me feel great and the vocals are awesome by Mr.Hudson! great song by Excision! link here>>> Excision - Jaguar

-This song is just plain awesome to listen to because you will just get lost in it. Feel great and happy perhaps?. Maybe dance a lil heh?  link here>>> Deadmau5 ft. Kaskade - I remember
- THIS is the one song i alway alwwwways i truly mean always that i have to listen to because it gets me going, feel awesome, numb, happy, energetic, wanting to dance and just have fun! link here! >>> Benny Benassi - Come Fly Away (Adam K & Soha remix)

ALL this song are best heard when you just blazed it because MJ just makes everything sound way more better and awesomer! and just makes you feel good and in part want to enjoy yourself! so yea 420 then listen to this songs! and yup more list of songs to come :D

one week left...

I shall finally be heading back up north to prepare for spring semester of koolege! Glad its less then a week again where i can start partying and other nonsense once again with cool peeps. And get my studyingz on of course. Chilling, going out, sessions, having the time of my life i welcome it back again to my life because this "winter break" wasn't so great. Just wanted it to pass by fast and gtfo and go back to my house and koolege where i have my own room, awesome kitchen to cook shit up, chill backyard where i can stare at the stars for hours, awesome glowing room where i blast music all night and just fucken chill and relax. and fap hahahahaha! good stuff.

edit : 5:03am time for bed heh. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

question for followers!

Alrite so i watch so many WTFz shows like Superjail, Xavier: renegade angel, tim and eric awesome show, Wonder Showzen, Little Britain USA, Drawn Together, and many more.

Which shows do you watch from my list and what others shows are wtfZ that you watch also? 

One of best wtfZ shows to watch when your high as fuck for sure are!  Xavier: renegade angel and Superjail
They are just all over the place that you get lost so fast and are like why why why? must this show mindfuck me all the time. Ohhhhh and also watch Wonder Showzen its a mussst! truly mega wtf. Watch the Mathematics episode of wonder showzem! You will not be disappointed!


Just woke up about 20 minutes again. Clearly did not wake up to go to the beach heh. Showered and now watching the Steelers football game vs. the broncos! LETS GO STEELERS!!! Gonna be a really chill lazy ass sunday for sure. Chilling with my lazy ass chihuahua/pomerarian "tiny"... i fucken hate his name for reals, Should have called him gizmo or another name.. But whatevez. Steelers catching up doing WORK! yeahhhs


edit yet againz :( fucken BULLLSHIIT ! oh well.

crap on my mind!

Almost 6 in the morning and yet again im still fucken awake! I hate it. Beyond unreasonable insomnia. But got the mary jane to fix that right? lol wrong, been getting the wrong kind. stupid stavia getting me all pumped up where im just going kinda crazy!? i need some ennndoooo ! makes me sleepy. which would allow me to get some dam rest. But yup other crap on my mind. Can i actually fall asleep rite now and wake up in like 4 hours to go to the dam beach . Not sure if it would be best idea but i seriously want to go out more but dont want to have to deal with the problem of not having any dam energy to enjoy myself at the beach. So i shall see what to do soon. But yup been a real chill week. Getting medicated every nite but no luck staying up till 6am then finally going to sleep once the sun starts rising then waking up until the sun is setting. Im NOCTURNAL :O ! bumping some electro right now! bed does sound real nice right now.... heh


gawd damz that took forever. but finally alrite with the design of my blog! let me know what u guys think!

Sub Radar: M. Constant - Construmentals Vol. 1

Sub Radar: M. Constant - Construmentals Vol. 1: Alright, so many of you might accuse me of featuring this beat tape solely on the fact that the album art is a kitten on a turntable. Well...

Official Google Blog: Keeping up with the 2012 U.S. election with Google...

Official Google Blog: Keeping up with the 2012 U.S. election with Google...: From the nineteenth century’s pamphlets to the twentieth century’s TV ad revolution, our elections have always been shaped by how we communi...

Anime Jinchuuriki: Full Metal Alchemist

Anime Jinchuuriki: Full Metal Alchemist: In the last month I looked very intensively Full Metal Alchemist and I'm impressed how cool is it. Has anyone looked this Anime? In my ...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

must watch >> lightshow! DO IT! watch in 720p for awesome. 

my MFLB!

THISSS!!  i truly cannot say how much i fuccken looove my mflb vaporizer! just plain awesome. highly portable. uses little amount of mary jane and u get fucked up on the tiny amount. real awesomez! check it u wont regret it!



awesome stuff shall be posted in the coming days :) (pic is not me lolz. im a dude but the dog is too awesomez so i had to heh. cuteness)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Anime Jinchuuriki: Gintama

Anime Jinchuuriki: Gintama: I think this picture shows very what Gintama really is... It's a parody anime which parodies nearly every actual anime. The main charact...

question for my followers!

Catz > dogs? or catZ < dogZ or CatZdog<3 ?

idk about me i think cats are awesome because they are the worlds douchbags heh and masterminds! dogs are legit but mine is a disappoint. took bastard to dog park doesnt go around playing or anything just sitting next to my leg like a lil D. :( i wantz a awesome friendly pups that tears shit up! 


time to take my fatty Chihuahua/Pomeranian to the dog park :)


favorite character from Bleach! Lord Barragan RESSSSSSPIRRRAAAA! = awesome

awesome sauce.

this is fucken :O! lightshow of awesome! or try to see it here 

Ipad blogging =

Fail. Links dont work and cant upload images.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New years was..

Was chillz was high as fuckz lol. Everyone else was shit faced.... Fucken friends fighting with eachother and brothers fighting over bunch of bullshit. Saw mass amounts of liver damage being done with the drinking of shitty ass beer. I only stuck to trees and one can of beer which was difficult to drink tasted like shit hahahahaha. But yup another "memoriable" holiday i guess heh. Gooood times.