Friday, March 16, 2012

thinking about it

I'm thinking about creating a adult only blog hehehe. xXx! 18+ ONLY. Would get lots of attention BUT i am just letting my followers know that i am a bisexual male! LGBT and proud :D! so highly likely some male erotica LOL will be posted sooo yeah or shall i keep it hetero. or make a bi porn blog and a str8 porn blog! Followers decide. Also if u dont accept me as i am or your religiously brain washed hehehe then GTFOOOO i truly do not care for your bigotry and hatred of your fellow man. FREE LOVE FOR ALL! EVERYONE IS EQUAL! so yeah let me know followers or i shall decide. Also i have a already bi porn tumblr i can just easily link and thats that but idk. hmmmm decision!  
 If you dont like it! 


  1. Rock on! All porn is good. all of it.

  2. Woohooo! awesome followers i am still in deciding process but highly likely gonna make a all inclusive porn blog :D! wooohooz