Thursday, February 23, 2012


Where my followers at ? :(

awesomeness i saw todayz

Saw a interest group present for possibility of establishing a chapter of a awesome fraternity on my college campus! Hopefully they get approved and so i shall do work to raise this GPA so i can rush for sure! fucken awesome cant wait! Now just chilling until my classes which are 3 or possibly 2 hahahha. hmm

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Awesome images that i must sharez

New or you seen it Whatevez ENJOY! 
fucken beautiful graffiti from LA

My fat Rat Chihuahua thing heh. miss this mofo. might bring em to my place for a moth heh. have him visit.

 hahahahaha tooo funnyz

lizard be hogging the budz.


ahhahah poor squirrel. douchebag cat be fucking squirrels upz! 

awesome collection! i wantz!

Adopt dont shop! 

Beautiful death.


 ;) oh yeahhz

hell yeah! 


so fucken awesome! 

creppy yet awesome! 

hehehe too funnyz


im finally back mofoz FINALLLYYY! got my laptop fixed but still no interwebz at my house so gotta blog this bitch up on campus. But yeah past weeks have been crazy dope and some just ehh same old shit everyday but whatevez. But yeah have been partying every week, blazing it like craaazyy so much budha, getting my drink on!, and going to events my housemate Djs at they are alrite heh. Also my room looks beyond fucken awesome! black light that shit upz! I iz *Le excited! to blog it upz on the daily. AWESOME SHIT shall be posted and TEAR this mutha fucken BLOGZ up! hahahaha hmm im hyper talking good stuff.