Friday, March 16, 2012

So past couple of days!

Back couples of days have been interesting or just a bit interesting with the same ol same ol everyday. I have gotten so many awesome games! wooohoo been playing soulstorm, skyrim, WARHAMMER ONLINE << give this game a try its fucken awessome! i keep going back to it everytime. I have also been seeing BREAKING BAD im on season 2! such a amazing addicting show! fucken unreal but shit actually happens in real life but u just dont see it! crazyness that blows my mind heh. Watched the harold and kumar movies, well the first 2 i have yet to see the third one. Should be awesome too. Been getting heavy medicated and partying too real awesomes! gonna party harrrrd then gotta see about spring break, what to do. But yeah that has been my past couple of days. Real chill awesome house, real awesome chill housemates. Here are some awesome images enjoy! 

Hows it going for you? (reply in comments if u would like to answer :O )

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