Sunday, January 8, 2012

question for followers!

Alrite so i watch so many WTFz shows like Superjail, Xavier: renegade angel, tim and eric awesome show, Wonder Showzen, Little Britain USA, Drawn Together, and many more.

Which shows do you watch from my list and what others shows are wtfZ that you watch also? 

One of best wtfZ shows to watch when your high as fuck for sure are!  Xavier: renegade angel and Superjail
They are just all over the place that you get lost so fast and are like why why why? must this show mindfuck me all the time. Ohhhhh and also watch Wonder Showzen its a mussst! truly mega wtf. Watch the Mathematics episode of wonder showzem! You will not be disappointed!


  1. Drawn Together and Little Britain are the only ones I've watched.

  2. Never actually sen any of those but I think you should check out The Life & Times of Tim. It's amazing!