Monday, January 30, 2012

Sorryz followers

So the past two weeks have been all over the place. I have actually MOVED and so fucken haPpy about it. Not sure if i shall be getting a cat afterall. Might just adopt me a local mutt from the animal shelter. Yeahs! Room is awesome glow in the dark and all this other light set up awesome. Just getting myself settled in. Dope housemates partyed the day i moved in and the weekend for sure. Got somewhat drunk heh and been beyond fucken high. Wowz. Mary jane is highly consumed in the house heh. Dope dopez. Gonna be a rel dope chill new place for sure. Party hard for sure. And now just waiting for dell to get its shit together get my laptop fixed and blog this bitch up but for now peeps i shall be MIA until my laptop is running full speed yeahh. Got so much crap nd stuff to post but i shall leave u waiting for itz! Heh.

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