Monday, January 9, 2012

awesome songs!

Alrite so this songs i have had on replay for like a month now really great sounds that i get numbed in and feels so awesome! especially dubstep songs!

-Borgore - Sunset : so this song is beyond fucken awesome starts out slow then bammmmm punches you right in the face with harsh WUUBBBB WUUUBBB! yeah dubstep<3 seriously u gotta listen to this song and see what its about! you will be like = awesome! link to song here >>>>Borgore - Sunset

-Then there is this other song by Borgore! Borgore- Guided Relaxation : reallly awesome song that i recently heard and instantly added to my replay playllist. Really great song that you will get submerged in and just feel great. ! Here is the link Enjoy >>> Borgore - Guided Relaxation

-This song is truly just numbing into relaxation and just makes me feel great and the vocals are awesome by Mr.Hudson! great song by Excision! link here>>> Excision - Jaguar

-This song is just plain awesome to listen to because you will just get lost in it. Feel great and happy perhaps?. Maybe dance a lil heh?  link here>>> Deadmau5 ft. Kaskade - I remember
- THIS is the one song i alway alwwwways i truly mean always that i have to listen to because it gets me going, feel awesome, numb, happy, energetic, wanting to dance and just have fun! link here! >>> Benny Benassi - Come Fly Away (Adam K & Soha remix)

ALL this song are best heard when you just blazed it because MJ just makes everything sound way more better and awesomer! and just makes you feel good and in part want to enjoy yourself! so yea 420 then listen to this songs! and yup more list of songs to come :D


  1. I remember when me and my friend went through a drive through with I remember playing and she looked at us like we were total pot heads :P

  2. hahahah yeah! that songs is beyond awesome. really chill and just like makes you acutally Remember great things in ones life. Well thats what i feel when i listen to it!